CPPFES2043A Online Training and Assessment

This course is for those who aspire or currently are in  Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) who handle extinguishing agents and are required to achieve competence in CPPFES2043A Prevent ozone depleting substance and synthetic greenhouse gas emissions or an equivalent assessment.

Student Handbook

Before enrolling you are required to read the following Student Handbook to ensure you are fully informed about my rights and obligations. The Student Handbook can be found on the below link.

Pacific Institute of Technology Student Handbook


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The course files can be found in the following Dropbox link.

CPPFES2043A Learner Material

After clicking on the link you should click the blue Download button in the top left corner.

You should then select ‘Download as .zip’. This file should then be extracted into a folder.

The file called ‘index.html’ should be opened to access the learning material.

Inside you will find a file named ‘CPPFES2043A Written and Practical Assessment V2.2.pdf’.

This is the file that the you need to completed and sent back.


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